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Indoor Shooting Area.
February CCW Classes
March 7th and 8th classes.
Indoor shooting range
Thank You!!!


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February CCW Classes

So far this month, had a lot of great second amendment gun owners attend the class. 

March 7th and 8th classes.

March 7th and 8th classes were a great success. Met a lot of good people, thanks for all who attended. 

Thank You!!!

I would like to thank everyone that decided to allow us to help you out with firearm training this past year of 2016. We have meet a lot of interesting people and have made a lot of new friends. Thank you so much. 

It's a New Year!!!

Since the first of the year, you guys have been keeping us busy and we appreciate it. We are looking forward to helping out with all of your Concealed Carry/Firearm instruction needs this coming year. 

Busy Busy !!!

Students have been keeping us busy this summer Here at County Line CCW- Concealed Carry Classes. We have meet some very fascinating people and made a lot of new friends. Looking forward to a busy fall season helping people with their conceal carry class.   

NRA Discount.

NRA members receive a 5.00 discount off of class fee.  

August 23rd Class

Had an awesome time with some great people. Thanks to all who attended!!! Car! ry On

August 9th Class.

Had a great class. Good to see some old friends and meet some new people. Thanks to all who attended, and Carry On!!!

July 26th Class

Had a great class. Shout out to Zack, Emily and Jerry. Thanks for everything!!!

Cloverdale Class

Traveled to Cloverdale yesterday (June 7th) for on-site instruction. Thanks to all who attended.A special thanks to Chris for putting a group together, and Mike for supplying us a place to shoot, hold the class and feed us. Thanks guys!!!